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Culture Plus Consulting is a woman-owned diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural change consultancy headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We are committed to improving employer outcomes by cultivating empathic leadership and human work settings, enhancing equity and inclusion for traditionally marginalised groups, and strengthening respect at work and psychological safety. We are proud to partner with leading government and corporate employers across varied industries and geographies to achieve these goals.


Our services span advisory, strategy, implementation, diagnostics, and capability-building, all with the singular focus of helping clients optimise outcomes.


Expert advice on diversity, equity and inclusion best practices and cultivating respectful and safe workplaces. 

Learning & Development

Building executive, leadership and team member capability in diversity, equity, inclusion, respect at work, and high-performing teams.

Workplace Culture Review

Assessing employee perceptions and experiences of workplace culture regarding diversity, inclusion, respect and psychological safety.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment & Controls

Identifying and assessing employer risks and control measures for bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment.

DEI Evaluation

Benchmarking employer diversity, equity and inclusion practices against industry best practices. 

DEI Strategy

Leader-led, HR-enabled diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Implementation Support

Expert support for cultural change initiatives including policy, communications, and manager resources.

Felicity Menzies, CEO Diversity & Inclusion Consultant


Felicity, you are always excellent and have such a lovely way of running the workshops. You are the clear authority in the room and yet never make anyone feel wrong/uninformed – it’s great to watch the way you manage the content and people. You are very generous and create a great space. Thank you!


Head of Strategy & Engagement, Office of the President, Parliament House

Case Studies

We have a strong client focus and we provide more than simply generic programs or guidance. We understand that the business environment is complex and that our clients face unique and varied challenges and opportunities. We partner deeply with our clients to design and facilitate tailored change programs that produce measurable returns.

Large Government Agency DEI Strategy

Culture Plus Consulting was engaged by a large government agency to develop an overarching diversity and inclusion strategy to guide the prioritisation and coordination of diversity and inclusion investment and efforts across the entity.

Parliament NSW

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