Sample slide deck for your inclusion strategy day

Sample slide deck for your inclusion strategy day

by Felicity Menzies

Achieving diversity and inclusion, like any other cultural change effort, requires a strategic and systematic approach. The barriers to achieving diversity and inclusion may be even more pronounced than the challenges organisations face in managing other cultural change efforts. Resistance from members of the dominant culture and unconscious bias are some of the challenges facing organisations in achieving a sustained cultural change. Those challenges increase the risk of stakeholder disengagement and execution failures.

A strategic approach to diversity and inclusion helps to manage those risks. A well-developed diversity and inclusion strategy linked to business objectives assists organisations in achieving stakeholder engagement, prioritising and coordinating initiatives, promoting synergies, maximising return on investment, and tracking success.

The ultimate objective of an organisation’s diversity and inclusion efforts is an improvement in the lived experiences of diverse talent. Specifically, inclusion is achieved when all employees experience respect, belonging, empowerment and fair progression.

To assist you in formulating a diversity and inclusion strategy that puts the lived experiences of diverse talent at the heart of your efforts, we have provided a sample slide deck for you to incorporate into your inclusion strategy day. We hope that this deck stimulates new thinking and helps you and your team to identify risks and opportunities on your journey towards inclusion.

Download the deck here.

Felicity Menzies is CEO and Principal Consultant at Include-Empower.Com, a diversity and inclusion consultancy with expertise in inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, cultural intelligence and inclusion, gender equity, empowering diverse talent. Felicity is an accredited facilitator with the Cultural Intelligence Centre and the author of A World of Difference. Felicity has over 15 years of experience working with and managing diverse workforces in blue chip companies and is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. Felicity also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.