Your D&I program is leading only if it is…

  • For everyone. You define diversity as all individual differences and recognise that aspects of a person’s identity intersect to create unique experiences and sources of value for your organisation.
  • Contemporary. You engage in ongoing research and advocacy to ensure your policies and practices reflect changing expectations and market-leading innovations.
  • Leading. You set stretch goals, benchmark your performance against others, and are recognised by your workforce and the community as a leading employer for diversity and inclusion.
  • Business as usual. Diversity and inclusion are always front of mind and embedded in the way you work day-to-day.
  • Global. You foster diversity and inclusion across location, function, and rank.
  • Aligned. Your diversity and inclusion efforts support your business strategy.
  • Integrated. Diversity and inclusion are core components of your corporate infrastructure and are reflected in operational workforce plans, your capability framework, your cultural traits, employee policies, and the functions of product and service development, marketing and customer service, procurement, and sustainability.
  • Future-focussed. You understand the challenges and opportunities of the future of work and build solutions to manage and leverage changes in your environment.
  • Data-driven. You collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data to identify diversity and inclusion risks and opportunities and to inform and tailor your solutions.
  • Sustainable. You build a pipeline of diverse talent through education outreach, equitable talent management, tailored development programs, and linking your diversity goals to succession planning.
  • Expansive. You extend your diversity efforts outwards through advocacy, community partnerships and sponsorships.

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