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What We Do

We help you develop the competencies necessary to manage diversity in your markets and your workforce.

Partnering with you, we identify your unique diversity challenges. We then generate new solutions drawn from best-practice and evidence-based management. Next, we work with you to design and facilitate tailored change programs to improve your performance and institutionalise the gains.

Culture Plus helps your organisation convert a risk into a strength. When your company has the proper skills and practices in place to manage diversity globally, your success knows no boundaries.

Principal Consultant

Felicity Menzies is an authority on Cultural Intelligence and diversity and inclusion in the corporate environment. Felicity’s interest in the role of culture in business began during her tenure as the Head of Private Bank, Westpac, in Singapore. There she led a culturally diverse team of bankers serving a multinational client base and learned firsthand how Cultural Intelligence is a necessary component of business success.

Now Felicity applies her business acumen and intercultural expertise to help global organisations respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges presented by diverse workforces, unfamiliar markets, and rapid shifts in the competitive landscape.

Felicity has more than 15 years of experience in financial and professional services with blue-chip companies, and has held senior positions in business development, project and change management, relationship management, and financial and operations control.

Felicity is an accredited facilitator with the Cultural Intelligence Centre and the author of the forthcoming book, A World of Difference: Leading in Global Markets with Cultural Intelligence. Felicity has been a member of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand since 1995, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Felicity Menzies

Felicity Menzies


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