Cultural Alignment

Drive excellence in execution by ensuring alignment of workgroup practices and individual behaviours with your values and optimal ways of working.


In this half-day workshop,  team members are engaged in an exploration of how current workgroup practices and behaviours support or detract from organisational values and optimal ways of working and how to close the gap.

Content & Flow

    • Clarifying business objectives
    • Defining and operationalising your core values
    • Demonstrating how the core values support business success
    • Comparing optimal ways of working against current norms; What’s working well? What needs to change?
    • What can we do differently (in practices and behaviours) to better align with our optimal ways of working?
    • What will I do differently?
    • Action and accountability


    • Clearly defined and agreed ways of working that support excellence in execution and individual accountability plans.


Consistent with research on adult learning, we believe that the best learning outcomes result when participants engage holistically with program content. All Culture Plus Consulting learning and development programs incorporate experiential learning techniques, including opportunities to reflect on and apply learnings to the real-life challenges facing participants.


Team leaders and members

Optimal learning outcomes are achieved in a group size of 8-20 participants although larger group sizes can be accommodated. 


The recommended length of the workshop is a half day (3 hours); however, shorter sessions are available on request. 

The workshop can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. 

Psychological Safety?

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