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Diagnose the Diversity & Inclusion Competencies of Your Workforce

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment provides organisations with knowledge of an individual’s intercultural strengths and weaknesses by measuring an individual’s capability each of the four main CQ competencies. Beyond the four main competencies, the assessment measures strengths and weaknesses in thirteen sub-competencies. A written segment highlights cultural intelligence strengths and suggested developmental areas. CQ Assessment also provides details of an individual’s orientation in seven cultural value dimensions.

CQ Self Assessment

The CQ Self-Assessment provides individuals with an assessment of how they rate themselves in each of the four main competencies and thirteen sub-competencies of cultural intelligence.

Download sample CQ Self-Assessment Report

CQ Multirater Assessment

The CQ Multi-Rater Assessment includes peer ratings to provide an objective measure of cultural intelligence. Peer assessment overcomes bias or distortions in self-assessment.

Download sample CQ Multi-Rater Report

Implicit Bias Assessment

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) provides individuals with knowledge of their unconscious biases regarding disability, sexual orientation, race, skin tone, age, weight, gender, ethnicity, and religion. Our experienced facilitators ensure that the theory behind the IAT is understood by participants, preventing misinterpretations and unhelpful emotive reactions.


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