DEI for Executives

Diversity and inclusion training builds leadership capability for building diverse and inclusive workplaces. Studies show that when leaders succeed in cultivating diverse and inclusive workplaces, businesses benefit from better decision-making, increased creative collaboration, more motivated and engaged employees, and improved individual, team and organisational performance.


Our Diversity and inclusion training solution for executives is a facilitated leadership discussion that develops executive knowledge of entity-specific business drivers and industry best practices for building diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces including effective governance, equitable talent management, inclusive leadership and culture, inclusive policies and premises, regular measurement and reporting, and proven strategies for addressing gender pay gaps including intersectional risks and opportunities.

Content & Flow

    • Setting the scene; emerging themes in diversity and inclusion relevant to the employer and industry
    • The business drivers of workforce diversity relevant to the entity
    • Barriers to equitable representation and participation
    • Awareness of one’s own biases and blind spots
    • Inclusion as a leadership strategy for managing diversity barriers
    • The four-factor model of inclusion
    • Understanding of the lived experience of inclusion through an intersectional lens that encompasses all employees
    • Entity-wide best practices for fostering diverse and inclusive work settings
    • Evidence-based strategies for driving gender diversity and inclusion and addressing the gender pay gap
    • The role of leaders in culture change
    • Moving forward

Learning Outcomes

    • Increased engagement in and commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives
    • Increased confidence in diversity and inclusion issues
    • Opportunities to gain new insight and understanding from dialogue
    • Greater self-awareness from reflection and feedback
    • Greater clarity of diversity and inclusion goals
    • Improved individual effectiveness


Consistent with research on adult learning, we believe that the best learning outcomes result when participants engage holistically with program content. All Culture Plus Consulting learning and development programs incorporate experiential learning techniques, including opportunities to reflect on and apply learnings to the real-life challenges facing participants.


Executives seeking to improve their diversity and inclusion capability.

Optimal learning outcomes are achieved in a group size of 6-15 participants although larger group sizes can be accommodated. 


Developing an inclusive mindset requires commitment. The recommended length of the workshop is a 90-minutes; however, shorter sessions are available on request. 

The workshop can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. 

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