Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Evaluation

Benchmark your diversity, equity and inclusion practices and performance against industry best practices and competitor performance. 

DEI Best-Practices Benchmarking

Applying an evidence-based audit tool, we assess an employer’s maturity against global diversity and inclusion best practices in eighteen best practice pillars.

Employee Focus Groups & Interviews

Employing an evidence-based model of inclusion, we assess perceptions and lived experiences of respect, belonging, empowerment, and fair progression of a representative sample of employees.

Stakeholder Consultation

We consult with senior stakeholders to understand perceptions of diversity and inclusion risks and opportunities for the entity.

Desktop Review

We review workforce analytics and engagement survey results as well as employee policies to identify diversity and inclusion risks and opportunities.

Industry and Competitor Benchmarking

We research and benchmark the employer’s DEI practices and progress against leading industry practices and competitor performance in DEI.

Evaluation Report

We prepare and present a summary of findings from the four diagnostic processes identifying key DEI risks and opportunities.

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