Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

by Felicity Menzies
Include-Empower.Com offers a variety of coaching and mentoring solutions for developing inclusion and diversity capability and for empowering diverse talent to achieve their full potential.
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Understanding Coaching & Mentoring

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Executive coaching focuses on achieving specific professional development goals. The coach may direct the learning and instruction to achieve these.
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Mentoring involves the offering of advice, information, and guidance by a person with useful experience, skills or expertise (mentors) for another individual’s personal and professional development (mentorees). Mentors act as trusted advisers to the mentoree who take responsibility for their own professional development.

Our Solutions

Group Coaching

Peer coaching circles adapt the principles and methods of individual executive coaching and apply them to small intentional groups of leaders.

Peer Coaching Circles for Inclusive Leadership

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Group Mentoring

Our group mentoring programs offer organisations a cost-effective solution for empowering diverse emerging leaders through access to our senior executive mentors in a supportive peer setting.

Group Mentoring for Emerging Female Leaders

Researchers have identified a variety of factors that contribute to a ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents emerging female leaders from achieving senior executive roles at the same rate as men. These include lower levels of confidence, weaker access to informal networks, lack of role models, and unconscious bias.

Mentoring is an established technique for empowering professional women to manage those challenges.

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Group Mentoring for Emerging Culturally Diverse Leaders

Compared with members of the culturally dominant group, culturally diverse talent face unique challenges in their journey to leadership.

Cultural diversity enhances the potential for language and other communication barriers and heightens the risk of ambiguity, value conflicts, and reasoning and decision-making differences. Also, cultural stereotypes and bias can threaten rapport, stifle the exchange of information and ideas, hamper career progression, and are linked to workplace bullying and harassment. Those challenges can impact employee well-being and engagement.

Mentoring is an established technique for empowering emerging culturally diverse leaders to manage those challenges.

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Coaching for Individuals

We offer personalised and discreet professional development through to face-to-face or virtual one-on-one coaching programs.

Intercultural Coaching

Cultural intelligence (CQ) coaching offers guidance to individuals seeking to understand their intercultural strengths and weaknesses and develop their effectiveness in diverse cultural settings.

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Mentoring for Individuals

For organisations preferring an in house mentoring solution for diverse talent, we partner with clients design to design and deliver a bespoke program to build the capability of selected executives to become highly effective in-house mentors to emerging diverse leaders in the organisation.

Intercultural Mentoring

Contact us for details on how we can support you to design and implement a successful inhouse mentoring program to develop intercultural competency across your organisation.

Our Approach

Agreement on Key Program Objectives & Metrics

Specifying training objectives and identifying business metrics to measure the return on investment is an important part of implementing effective professional development programs.

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Include-Empower.Com partners with clients to identify key program objectives and measurables that align with business strategy. Key areas of focus might involve improved engagement and retention, greater representation at management or leadership level, higher levels of customer satisfaction, market growth, innovation. Program objectives and related metrics will be used to tailor program design.

Pilot Program

Pilot-testing is an important aspect of quality control to ensure that an organisation’s professional development investment results in measurable change.

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Pilot programs offer clients an opportunity to assess and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness and relevance of content and design to be included in a wider roll-out across the business.

The purpose of a pilot program is to gain feedback from participants to ensure the program is engaging, relevant and useful to participants as well as to test professional development outcomes. The information gathered from the pilot will be used to strengthen and improve the program content, materials, and delivery strategies for the wider roll-out.

Ongoing Support

Effective professional development has a business impact. Include-Empower.Com works with clients to review progress on program metrics post-training and offers ongoing recommendations for extending or improving outcomes.

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Formal reviews are suggested mid-way through the program and at 3 and 12-months post program completion.


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