Respect at Work (Sexual Harassment) Executive Briefing

Respect at Work (Sexual Harassment) Executive Briefing

by Felicity Menzies
This 60-minute briefing develops executive and board awareness of changing regulatory and cultural contexts regarding preventing and responding to sexual harassment and emerging best practices.
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Program Objectives

  • Raise leader awareness of the shifting regulatory and cultural contexts for managing workplace sexual harassment
  • Raise awareness of the legal obligations of leaders regarding workplace misconduct and their role in cultural change
  • Engage leaders in cultural change

Workshop Outline

  • Background
  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Prevalence
  • Drivers
  • Impact (individual & employer)
  • Obligations and responsibilities under work health and safety legislation, anti-discrimination legislation, and workplace policies
  • Prevention and early intervention
    • Leadership
    • Risk management (recognising sexual harassment as a work, health and safety issue)
    • Gender equality
    • Culture of respect and safety
    • Capability
  • Response
    • Multiple reporting channels
    • Trauma-informed investigations
    • Transparency (including concerns and recommendations regarding non-disclosure agreements)


Learning Outcomes

  •     An understanding of the prevalence, nature, drivers and impact of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace misconduct
  •     An understanding of  employer and leader obligations regarding sexual harassment and workplace misconduct
  •     Awareness of the interplay between prevention and workplace culture
  •      Knowledge of the AHRC Respect@Work framework for preventing sexual harassment
  •     Increased motivation for fostering respectful, safe and inclusive work settings

Board members and senior executives.

60 mins


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