Foundational Leadership Development Program

Foundational Leadership Development Program

by Felicity Menzies
Our four-module leadership development program transfers the foundational knowledge, skills and mindsets required for leading others, leading self, and managing complexity. The program focuses on capabilities that compromise a leader’s effectiveness if not well developed or if applied inconsistently. The modular program is flexible, allowing an employer to tailor the program to its leadership development goals. The workshop is supplemented with an action learning component to drive accountability and embed behavioural change. 
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Program Objectives

Our Foundational Leadership Development Program has two main objectives:
(i) transfer the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities for leading effectively in diverse and changing environments
(iii) embed learnings through action learning and accountability

Workshop Content and Flow

Module One
  • Understanding leadership: definition, purpose, leadership vs. management
Leading Groups
  • Inspire: Communicate and embody purpose, values, and vision 
  • Unite: Foster collaboration and engender a sense of ‘one team’
  • Integrate: Seek and consider diverse perspectives in work practices, problem-solving, and decision-making
Module Two
Leading Individuals
  • Develop: Use coaching techniques and deliver feedback effectively 
  • Engage: Offer varied and challenging opportunities that leverage and extend skill sets
  • Empower: Set clear expectations and establish accountability 
Module Three
Leading Self
  • Regulate: Manage your emotions effectively 
  • Reset: Build resilience
  • Reflect: Understand your leadership strengths and weaknesses
Module Four
Leading Change
  • Prepare: Pre-empt internal and external disruption
  • Prioritise: Manage conflicting and shifting priorities and align team
  • Stabilise: Engender trust and confidence including managing difficult conversations

Action Learning Component

After completion of Module Four, leader participants engage in reflective practice and regroup approximately six weeks post the initial workshop for a facilitated group debrief during which participants will:
  • Review actions plans and commitments from the leadership development workshop
  • Explore what went well and why, and what were the challenges and why
  • Discuss ways to address challenges and/or modify action plans
  • Make re-commitments, new commitments and establish an on-going peer support mechanism to achieve future success

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the difference between leadership and management
  • Techniques for fostering high engagement and commitment
  • Strategies for optimising individual performance 
  • Strategies for driving collaboration and developing high performance teams
  • Techniques for integrating diversity to improve individual, group and organisational outcomes
  • Awareness of self-leadership including techniques for increasing resilience, managing stress, and developing self-awareness
  • Approaches for preempting and responding to rapid change 
  • Strategies for managing difficult conversations 
  • Action and accountability plan linked to personal strengths and developmental areas

Workshop facilitation combines expert instruction with group coaching methodology. Group coaching adapts the principles and methods of individual executive coaching and applies them to small intentional groups of managers. A coaching-led facilitation style contrasts to a lecture-based approach and maximises learning outcomes because participants critically reflect on how the information delivered relates to their own individual and collective lived experiences. Shared reflection engages participants cognitively and emotionally in behavioural change.

Leaders and people managers seeking to improve their leadership capability in diverse and changing enviornments

Recommended workshop size is 8-20 participants. 

The initial workshop may be run face-to-face over one full-day or delivered virtually over four x 90-min modules. A 90-minute facilitated debrief is scheduled six to eight weeks post the initial workshop. 


We have a transparent fee structure. Please contact us for details.