Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops

Our Diversity & Inclusion Workshops develop executive, people leader and workforce capabilities for fostering diverse, equitable and inclusive work settings. 

Inclusive Leadership

Assists leaders in understanding their implicit assumptions and preferences and improves their motivation and ability to empower diverse talent and integrate different ideas and perspectives in work practices and decision-making. 

Unconscious Bias & Mindful Inclusion

Motivates participants to engage in controlled mental processes to override their automatic prejudgements and tendencies and develops capabilities for fostering inclusive workplaces.

Inclusive Hiring

Assists hiring managers in understanding their implicit assumptions and prejudgments and develops awareness of best-practice strategies for inclusive recruitment and objective decision-making.

DEI for Executives

Develops executive knowledge of entity-specific business drivers and industry best practices for building diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces including effective governance, equitable talent management, inclusive leadership and culture, inclusive policies and premises, regular measurement and reporting, and proven strategies for addressing gender pay gaps including intersectional risks and opportunities.

DEI for HR Business Partners

Develops HRBP capability for supporting an employer’s diversity and inclusion efforts through leadership coaching and advice, best-practice implementation, and championing equity, diversity and inclusion.

Implementing Employee Resource Groups

Develops stakeholder awareness of the purpose and structure of effective employee resource groups including leadership and governance, action planning and reporting, membership and promotion, and employer and executive support.

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