Effective Employer Resource Groups (ERGs)


ERGs are highly useful assets in driving an inclusive employee experience. ERG leads and committee members commit discretionary efforts to create workplaces that make people feel seen, heard, safe, celebrated and connected. ERGs are also a valuable source of knowledge and lived experience that can be leveraged by employers to shape and improve D&I program success.


Our Effective Employer Resource Groups (ERGs) workshop develops stakeholder awareness of the purpose and structure of effective employee resource groups including leadership and governance, action planning and reporting, membership and promotion, and employer and executive support.

Content & Flow

    • Understanding ERGS—scope, value for members and employers, operating models
    • Risks for success and assessing readiness
    • Forming groups—identities, locations, process
    • Membership
    • Governance—overarching body and policy/charter, ERG Leads, subcommittees, Executive sponsors
    • Mission & values statements
    • Action plans
    • Performance tracking
    • Other organisational support—financial and non-financial
    • Next steps

Learning Outcomes 

  • Greater clarity on the optimal composition of ERGs for the employer (how many and what diversity dimensions?)
  • An overarching shared purpose, vision and governance framework for ERGs linked to the business strategy and related DEI goals
  • Agreement on how ERG leads will be selected and rewarded
  • Agreement on ongoing support mechanisms
  • Action and accountability plan


Consistent with research on adult learning, we believe that the best learning outcomes result when participants engage holistically with program content. All Culture Plus Consulting learning and development programs incorporate experiential learning techniques, including opportunities to reflect on and apply learnings to the real-life challenges facing participants.


Relevant DEI stakeholders including senior leader sponsors and human resources. 

Optimal learning outcomes are achieved in a group size of 3-8 participants although larger group sizes can be accommodated. 


Developing an inclusive mindset requires commitment. The recommended length of the workshop is 2 hours; however, shorter sessions are available on request. 

The workshop can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. 

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