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We partner with leading employers globally across varied industries that are committed to meaningful change in diversity, equity, inclusion and respect at work. 

We have provided facilitation and advice services in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China (incl. Hong Kong), Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, India, United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, and Germany.

We regularly facilitate face-to-face or virtual learning and development programs for leadership teams comprising leaders representing varied national, ethnic, and linguistic diversity.

For our global clients, we partner deeply with stakeholders to tailor solutions that address local diversity, equity, inclusion and respect at work challenges in a way that is sensitive to local cultures and values while maintaining integrity with an organisation’s global vision for respectful, safe and inclusive work settings. 

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Having met with a couple of the big consultancy firms, we were simply most impressed by Felicity. She seemed to have the most genuine knowledge, experience and passion for diversity and inclusion. Felicity engaged all staff at all levels, although we did a separate session first with the leadership team to make sure that everyone was aligned and ready to effectively set the tone ‘from the top’. We would rate our overall experience with Felicity as ‘excellent’.


Chief Marketing Officer, The Walt Disney Company, South Asia 

Working with Felicity has fast-tracked our approach to diversity and inclusion tenfold. With a clear understanding of best practices, plus Felicity’s ability to communicate and open the minds of the most senior within the organisation, we now have complete support for what we are trying to do and an understanding of how to do it. She is a true trusted partner, and I hope that we can continue working with her for many years to come.


Global VP Talent, Xaxis, London

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