A World of Difference: Leading in Global Markets With Cultural Intelligence


A World of Difference is written for employees working in global teams and managers, human resource professionals and leaders of global companies seeking to minimise the risks and unlock the strategic potential of cultural diversity. Readers will learn how to develop their own cultural intelligence and that of their workforce, as well as best-practices for managing and leading effectively across cultures.


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In ‘A World of Difference’, cultural intelligence (CQ) will emerge as an increasingly powerful driver of performance and profits. Companies and organisations with cultural intelligence benefit from increased innovation and creativity, access to new markets, the attraction and retention of top global talent and a better bottom line.

Yet despite the importance of cultural intelligence for the success of today’s businesses, few companies understand how to cultivate this capability in their workforce. Filled with a mix of anecdotes drawn from the author’s personal experiences, and research-driven insights, this fascinating book assists leaders in closing this gap by providing a proven approach for improving global effectiveness.

Cultural intelligence can help you to build a sustainable business that captures as many customers as possible and provides them with the best products, continuously. Cultural intelligence can accelerate you ahead of your competitors. You can’t lead in global markets without it. Companies without it are not even in the race.

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