Psychosocial Risk Assessment & Controls

Identify factors that create a risk of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and other psychosocial hazards in your workplace. Assess the likelihood and severity of harm that might result. Understand potential control measures to mitigate those risks. 


Workplace Culture Review

We evaluate workplace culture by reviewing the results of employee surveys, focus group findings, employee interviews, and written submissions.

Desktop Review

  • Employee demographics to identify power disparities in working relationships
  • Grievance and incident reports such as formal and informal complaints about concerning behaviours and workers’ compensation claims
  • Industry data on sexual harassment or other workplace misconduct prevalence rates and industry characteristics that may affect your workplace
  • Employer policies and processes regarding workplace conduct and grievances
  • Employer policies and processes regarding diversity and inclusion
  • Worker exit interviews and surveys

Site Visits

  • A walk-through and assessment of the physical work environment (e.g., areas with limited natural surveillance, areas that restrict movement or prevent workers from maintaining their personal space, posters or pictures on display that are demeaning)
  • Observe the culture of the workplace to see whether harassment or bullying is normalised
  • Observe how leaders, managers, supervisors, workers and third parties interact face-to-face

Online Review

  • Security settings (e.g., passwords)
  • The use of social media for work purposes and how leaders, managers, supervisors, workers and third parties interact online

Stakeholder Interview

To understand work systems and practices and identify risks:

  • Executives and people leaders
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Health and safety representatives and committees


  • A thorough risk assessment—factors (including assessment of the organisational culture) which create a risk of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination and other workplace misconduct in the company’s workplaces, their likelihood, and severity of consequences
  • Expert recommendations—evidence-based control measures for promoting a respectful workplace culture and addressing other identified risks

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