D&I Best Practice White Papers and Tip Sheets

D&I Best Practice White Papers and Tip Sheets

by Felicity Menzies
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Inclusive recruitment involves fair candidate attraction processes that are welcoming to diverse talent. Fair and welcoming candidate attraction means that individuals with diverse backgrounds are equally likely to be made aware of and apply for open roles compared with candidates with traditionally dominant backgrounds. 

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If you have biases which are impacting recruitment decisions you are likely not choosing the best person for the job. Also, you are likely to end up with a relatively homogenous workplace, missing out on the competitive potential of a diverse workforce.

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Evaluations of performance are driven by individual raters’ interpretations of the meaning of assessment criteria, their sense of what ‘good’ looks like for a particular competency, variations in how harsh or lenient they are in judging others, and their own inherent and unconscious social and cognitive biases. 

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Studies show inequities in career development—some individuals and groups receive more frequent, higher-quality, and appropriately tailored opportunities for professional development compared with others. Equitable development involves strategies that ensure all employees receive the development they need to achieve their full potential.