Respect at Work Training

Formal learning solutions tailored to the employer’s industry, policies and legislative context for preventing and addressing bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination, and promoting respectful, safe and inclusive workplaces.

Respect at Work Executive Briefing

Develops executive and board awareness of changing regulatory and cultural contexts regarding preventing and responding to sexual harassment and emerging best practices with a focus on the role and responsibilities of the board in preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Respect at Work for Leaders

Leaders learn how to foster a respectful, safe and inclusive workplace culture, including identifying and preventing psychosocial risks. Leaders also develop an awareness of their legal obligations regarding bullying, harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct as well as strategies for responding to disclosures using a trauma-informed approach.

Respect at Work for Staff

Participants learn how to support a respectful, safe, and inclusive workplace culture, including understanding behavioural expectations and identifying and mitigating psychosocial risks. Participants also develop an awareness of their obligations and protections regarding bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct, and knowledge of workplace policy and reporting processes.

Trauma-Informed Investigations

Staff involved in responding to and managing workplace grievances will develop an understanding of trauma and how it affects the reporting process. They will also acquire strategies for responding to and investigating disclosures in a manner that minimises the risk of harm to all parties involved and that supports an effective investigation as well as strategies for managing vicarious trauma in themselves and others.

Trauma-Informed Focus Groups

Staff involved in facilitating employee focus groups on respect at work will develop knowledge and capability for conducting focus groups in a trauma-informed manner.

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