Gender Equity Masterclass – Coming Soon

Gender Equity Masterclass – Coming Soon

by Felicity Menzies
Despite evidence that links gender diversity with improved organisational outcomes, shifting the dial on gender diversity in leadership is painfully slow.
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Our Gender Equity Masterclass is coming soon! Send us an email to register your interest.

About the Gender Equity Masterclass

Grant Thornton’s research reveals that the proportion of women in senior leadership roles globally has hit 25%. However, this is an increase of just one percent since 2016, and six percent in the 13 years since the research began. Australia lags the global average with the proportion of women in senior leadership roles at 23%. When it comes to the role of the female CEO, at just 3%, following five years of decline, Australia has slipped well below the global average of 12%.
Researchers have identified a variety of factors that contribute to a ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents emerging female leaders from achieving senior executive roles at the same rate as men. These include entrenched gender stereotypes, institutionalised bias, work practices and policies that do not accommodate for the changing needs of parents and carers, lower levels of confidence, weaker access to informal networks and mentors, and lack of role models.
Our Gender Equity Masterclass explores evidence-based and best-practice solutions for addressing the challenges that prevent organisations from achieving gender parity.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Gender Diversity