Trauma-Informed Focus Groups 

Due to the sensitive nature of discussions on workplace culture and psychosocial risks, facilitators should be alert to signs of trauma and respond sensitively and effectively so as not to trigger retraumatization. 


In this two-hour workshop, staff involved in worker consultation regarding psychosocial risks and workplace culture will develop knowledge and capability for conducting employee focus groups in a trauma-informed manner.

Content & Flow

    • Understanding trauma and symptoms of trauma
    • The benefits of trauma-informed practice and care for individuals and employers
    • Principles of trauma-informed practice and care
    • Risks to trauma-informed practice (e.g., re-traumatization, breach of confidentiality, personal biases)
    • Applying trauma-informed principles to setting up, conducting and debriefing employee focus groups
    • Protecting yourself from vicarious trauma
    • Q&A

Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding of trauma and the symptoms of trauma
    • Understanding of the benefits of trauma-informed practice and care
    • Awareness of the principles of trauma-informed practice and care
    • Strategies for setting up, facilitating, and debriefing focus groups in a trauma-informed manner
    • Strategies for managing the risks of vicarious trauma (trauma experienced by parties who are exposed indirectly to trauma)


Staff involved in facilitating employee focus groups. 

Optimal learning outcomes are achieved in a group size of 8-15 participants although larger group sizes can be accommodated. 


The recommended length of the workshop is a two hours; however, shorter sessions are available on request. 

The workshop can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. 

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