Workplace Culture Review

Independent, trauma-informed review of workplace culture regarding respect, safety and inclusion including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and barriers to reporting. 

Employee Survey

An employee survey is a core component of a workplace culture review and risk assessment. Survey results also form a baseline measure for tracking the effectiveness over time of training and other employer efforts to promote a respectful, safe, and inclusive workplace.

Partnering with an independent third-party survey provider, we design and administer customised anonymous employee surveys to tap employees’ perceptions of workplace culture and leadership regarding respect and inclusion; personal and observed experiences of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination; and enablers and barriers to reporting.

Employee Focus Groups, Interviews & Submissions

Employee focus groups, interviews and written submissions complement survey data, providing additional information that cannot be acquired from quantitative analysis alone. Consulting with employees is important for identifying and deepening an understanding of employee perceptions and experiences of workplace culture, organisationally relevant psychosocial risks, and potential control measures.

Analysis & Reporting

We prepare and present to stakeholders a comprehensive report of quantitative and qualitative findings from the employee survey, focus groups and interviews including themes and de-identified verbatim.

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